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Save time and money with our collection of custom rubber stamps.
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Simplify envelopes, invoices and more with self-inking custom stamps.

Looking for a way to streamline your daily tasks? Pre-inked custom stamps are a remarkable time-saver: they make it easy to add notes to invoices or receipts, add return addresses to stacks of envelopes and even add your signature to important documents. That’s why VistaPrint is here with an assortment of custom rubber stamps, each available in your choice of practical colours.

As you create your personalised stamp, you’ll be able to choose from our customisable templates or upload your own design. Be it a signature, a logo stamp or anything else, our designers are always here and happy to help if you need. Once you’re done, we’ll take care of professionally creating, packaging and delivering your custom-made stamp to you. And when the time comes to stock back up on your ink, we’ll be ready for that too – our replacement ink options average 5,000 crisp and even impressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

That really depends on how frequently you intend to use your stamp. Self-inking stamps are best for when you need to make rapid impressions, like signatures or addresses.

After you make your initial selection of size, colour and quantity, select “Browse designs” to view our curation of address, business-specific, holiday and other professional templates, or upload your own design.

Our stamps are meant for stationery materials and aren't recommended for any outdoor use (especially if the surface will be exposed to water).

Our self-inking stamp is the same as a rubber stamp. Only the outer shell of the stamp’s case is made of durable plastic; the stamp itself is made of rubber.

Choose a stamp template from our design gallery that has a logo/photo area (we have a built-in filter to help you sort and select). In our design studio, you’ll be able to add your photo to the chosen template and edit it to your liking. Or if you already have a design, just upload it and go - our designers are always here to help if you need.

At VistaPrint, we have three types of stamps to choose from -

  • Pocket stamps: 36 x 12 mm impression, with a compact, snap-open frame; three ink colour options.
  • Self-inking stamps: Includes space for logos and addresses; two sizes and three ink colour options.
  • Signature stamps: Pre-inked with a crisp replica of signatures; three ink colour options.

With the right care, your stamp can be used up to 10,000 times. When the time comes to stock back up on your ink, we can help with that too – our replacement ink options average 5,000 crisp and even impressions.