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Acrylic Signs

Make your workspace easier to navigate with clear (yet stylish) signage. Clear and frosted acrylic options, with an easy design upload. See details
Mounting Options
1 starting at $17.82
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Put your stamp on the office with eye-catching signs.

  • 8 size options
  • 3 mm thick clear acrylic
  • 2 material options
  • Drilled holes available

Interested in a sleek way to display your business name and logo in an office or shop setting? Custom acrylic signs could be just what you’re looking for. Made of lightweight and shatter-resistant polymer, these personalised business signs are easy to create and display. You can choose between glass-like clear material or a light-diffusing opal option. Whichever style suits your business needs, our fade-resistant printing will ensure that your sign can stand the test of time.

Ready to start? Upload your high-resolution image, add any extra custom touches and then select your preferred options. We’ll take care of the rest, and your signage will arrive looking slick, polished and ready to stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our signs are 3 mm thick.

No. You’ll need to specify that you do want holes drilled into your sign. While we recommend them for display, we do recognise that some of our customers prefer a hole-free look, so we don’t drill by default.

On our largest sizes, 1200 x 900 mm and 900 x 600 mm, a total of 6 holes will be drilled – a hole in each corner, plus 2 in the middle. For other sizes, a total of 4 holes will be drilled – 1 in each corner.

We recommend occasionally cleaning the sign front with mild soap and water.

Not at this time.

Options: Acrylic Signs


  • Glass-like transparency, for a slick, glossy effect.
  • Best for: business names, logo displays
  • Translucent, for a frosted, light-diffusing effect.
  • Best for: directions, reception areas

Mounting Options

No holes for a sleek, uninterrupted surface.

1 cm holes for ease in mounting and display.

9 mm drilled holes, plus a set of metal spacers, wall anchors and rubber washers.

Product Specs & Templates