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Thank You Cards


Thank You Cards

Start at S$12.99

Show your appreciation with a personal touch.

  • Customise one of our business or personal designs.
  • Select folded or flat cards with matte or glossy stock.
  • Pick up your matching envelopes at checkout

Step 1: Select a Style

Step 2: Choose How to Design It

Browse our designs

Select a design template and personalise it to reflect who you are.

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Upload your own complete design

Upload your own finished design and we'll print it for you.

Choose your Horizontal Flat Note Card - 139 mm x 107 mm layout and click Continue.
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  750 S$487.00   S$640.00    
  1000 S$649.00   S$834.00    
  1500 S$974.00   S$1,174.00    
  2000 S$1,039.00   S$1,257.00    
  2500 S$1,124.00   S$1,353.00    
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  4000 S$1,399.00   S$1,657.00    
  5000 S$1,499.00   S$1,813.00    
  10000 S$1,999.00   S$2,687.00    
  15000 S$2,999.00   S$3,743.00    
  20000 S$3,999.00   S$4,800.00    
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  10 S$19.99   S$27.98    
  20 S$22.99   S$31.98    
  30 S$32.99   S$43.98    
  40 S$43.99   S$57.98    
  50 S$52.99   S$68.98    
  100 S$97.99   S$130.98    
  150 S$146.00   S$190.99    
  200 S$194.00   S$243.99    
  250 S$244.00   S$300.99    
  500 S$487.00   S$589.00    
  750 S$731.00   S$884.00    
  1000 S$974.00   S$1,159.00    
  1500 S$1,462.00   S$1,662.00    
  2000 S$1,559.00   S$1,777.00    
  2500 S$1,687.00   S$1,916.00    
  3000 S$1,799.00   S$2,050.00    
  4000 S$2,099.00   S$2,357.00    
  5000 S$2,249.00   S$2,563.00    
  10000 S$2,999.00   S$3,687.00    
  15000 S$4,499.00   S$5,243.00    
  20000 S$5,999.00   S$6,800.00    
235 gsm one-sided Glossy with UV varnish
Recycled Matte
Premium Matte
Black & White Reverse Side
Blank Reverse Side
Colour Reverse Side
White Envelope
PDF Proof

Create a Matching Set!

Matching sets make it easy to create a coordinated look on a small budget!
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Document Trim Size


139 x 107 mm
1642 x 1264 pixels


107 x 139 mm
1264 x 1642 pixels

Full Bleed Size


142 x 110 mm
1677 x 1299 pixels


110 x 142 mm
1299 x 1677 pixels
Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.

Paper Stock:

Premium, 215 gsm card stock. Available in matt or upgrade to elegant linen finish
Full Bleed
Safe Margin
Bleed Area
Full Bleed Size (starting document size)
142 x 110 mm
1677 x 1300 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
Document Trim Size (final size after being cut)
139 x 107 mm
1642 x 1264 pixels
* Please be sure to keep all text and photos within the safe cutting margin.
300 DPI

Say thanks with a personal touch.

Skip the shop-bought thank you notes and get some of our easy-to-customise, high-quality cards. Upload your own design or choose from themes like business, wedding, graduation, party and more. You’ll be able to add photos, write some text and pick a paper stock. Then, you’re good to go. Show your appreciation for little gestures, big moments and everything in between.

Tips and to-dos

• Always keep thank you cards on hand, so you can easily send one whenever you’d like

• Don’t be too generic – talk about the gift or gesture specifically, and what it meant to you

• Use envelope stickers to add a little fun, and make your cards stand out in the post