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Can Coolers


Can Coolers

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They'll see your logo with each sip

  • A refreshing way to make sure customers remember you
  • Customize with your name, logo, and contact information
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  Qty Price
Price / Unit
  1 S$5.99   S$5.99    
  2 S$11.99   S$6.00    
  3 S$16.99   S$5.66    
  4 S$21.99   S$5.50    
  5 S$26.99   S$5.40    
  10 S$49.99   S$5.00    
  24 S$109.00   S$4.54    
  48 S$199.00   S$4.15    
  96 S$349.00   S$3.64    
  144 S$499.00   S$3.47    
  240 S$799.00   S$3.33    
  360 S$1,029.00   S$2.86    
  480 S$1,249.00   S$2.60    

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Printable Area
Safe Margin
Printable Area Size
68 x 68 mm
804 x 804 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the printable area dimensions for best results.
* Please be sure to keep all text and photos within the safe cutting margin.
300 DPI